Classic kitchen furniture

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Classic kitchen furniture with timeless elegance and unique character have always been associated with the warmth of hearth and home. Our furniture refers to the rustic style design – which was formerly dominant in homes. What is the most distinctive are fronts which are made of solid and durable solid wood. They have edges decorated with cutters, intaglio or with an openwork carvings fill. They give the room a unique style and encouraged to reside in the interior full of warmth, pleasing with subdued colors.

The rustic design Has to comply with appropriately selected appliances, which you can also find in our offer.

We invite you to acquainte with our website galery, where you can find completed Project that can be a good inspiration of how to design a first-rate kitchen that will be not only beautiful but also ergonomic.

Don’t hesitate to ask for a free of charge pricing inquiry and feel welcome to place an order for a unique, classic kitchen furniture.

Klimat ciepłej klasycznej kuchni

Meble kuchenne klasyczne nawiązują stylem do mebli "sprzed lat", które kiedyś dominowały w naszych domach.

Ponadczasowy styl

Cechą charakterystyczną są fronty wykonane w technice litego drewna. Nadają one pomieszczeniu niepowtarzalny styl.

Rustykalny sprzęt agd

Nieodzownym elementem w klasycznych kuchniach jest odpowiednio dobrany sprzęt AGD również o cechach rustykalnych.

Classic kitchen with wooden fronts

Classic kitchen with oak fronts – perfect place to expose bueatiful natura materials by matching pieces of equipment ... and it gets cozy immediately. Everything is in its place - storage area, cooking area and washing area.

An island is very functional element of the kitchens. It can be also arranged as a eating place in the central part of the room.

Openwork fronts create a unique atmosphere and give a distinctive appearance. A crucial thing is to choose proper lighting, adjusted to our classic kitchen furniture.

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