Classic and modern custom made kitchen furniture.

Our firm has been on the market for many years. We combine experience with implementing newest trends in decorating, which we constantly follow and use as a source of inspiration.

Primary activities of Meblobuk, that has been on the Polish market for 26 years, is meticulous designing of the entire technology process, with the emphasis on details. . In the result, our products – custom made furniture, using technique of solid wooden fronts, laminated , lacquered and acrylic, have a great reputation and continue to be very popular among our clients.

We have 6 showrooms with locations in following cities : Bydgoszcz, Glogow, Poznan, Skorzewo ,Szczecin and Torun. Production of the kitchen furnishings takes place in Skorzewo, near Poznan. It’s the location of our main headquarters as well.

In recent years, our company was also noticed by out institutional clients. We furnished more than 150 rooms such as apartments and back up facilities with custom made kitchen furniture, bathroom and hall furniture. They have been used, not only in Poland, but also in Belgium, Sweden and Norway.

Meblobuk is currently one of the biggest furniture companies in the Greater Poland.

We invite you to take a look at our offers and examples of our finished products in our gallery. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Founded in 1989

Constantly in the furniture industry we are on the market since 1989. That's over 26 years of experience in the manufacture of kitchen furniture to size.

Our designers

We employ the best designers who have appropriate knowledge and qualifications to design kitchen of Your’s dreams.

Our showrooms

You can find our showrooms in 4 localizations: Bydgoszcz, Głogów, Skórzewo and Szczecin.

Our gallery


The headquarters of our company is located in Skórzewo street Poznanska 71. Here, too, is our biggest showroom. Next door , on Polna Street 11 dirt on the surface of over 2000 m2, is located our factory production and storage of furniture fittings and appliances.
Address Street : Poznańska 71 Zip code : 60 - 185 Skórzewo k/Poznania
Phone Phone : (61) 8 143 933 Phone : 783 969 699
Email Address Centrala :
Pozostałe informacje Website : NIP: 777-10-06-286