Household goods choice is another key element for kitchen work organisation.

Kitchen furniture arrangement is crucial aspect, but household goods location is important to enjoy the everyday kitchen work



Fridge size should be adapted to household member amount and location should take into account fridge ventilation needs. The key is to separate the fridge from any heating equipment (e.g. Stove).
Built-in fridge is a very popular solution. This possibility is for people appreciating minimalism and wanting to hide household goods as much as possible.
Built-in fridge is unnoticeable but its capacity is limited. This is an excellent option for a smaller number of tenants or small rooms, because built-in refrigerator does not disturb the proportion of kitchen furniture.
Freestanding fridges leave customers more freedom; have a much larger capacity and the ability to locate in the kitchen. These, currently available on the market, perfectly imitate the dominant style in a specific interior. You can therefore find retro or very modern fridges, which often are a separate, unusual decorative element.


In our kitchens, we use such producers equipment:

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There are two sizes of dishwashers on the market – 45 cm wide and 60 cm wide. The narrower one will accommodate 8-9 sets of dishes, while the wider one is adapted to wash up to 12 sets of tableware.
It is worth noting that the dishwasher allows for almost four times less water consumption than manual washing in the sink. In addition, it saves electricity that is necessary to heat running water. Currently, each dishwasher is equipped with the ECO program, which allows maximum water and electricity consumption reduction.
The most common solution is the location of the dishwasher in the course of kitchen cabinets and its installation with the material used at the kitchen fronts. Thanks to that, it is completely hidden and does not disturb the aesthetics of kitchen furniture.


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Heating plate

The most important factor that decides about the purchase of a specific heating plate is the type of installation (gas or electric), available in the kitchen room. Another aspect is its location, size, shape and number of required burners.
Gas plates are the most cost-effective and operation-friendly. However, they require proper installation and specialist ventilation. Currently, thanks to the applied security, they are not only very safe, but also very attractive in terms of design. The specific construction makes it perfectly blend in the kitchens in classic or retro style.
Ceramic plates are made of resistant ceramic material. Handling is very intuitive and trouble-free. They are flat and perfectly harmonize with the top, so it is easy to keep them clean. They heat up at a much faster rate. The surface temperature outside the used burner remains unchanged; therefore, the risk of burns reduces.
Induction plates are the most modern solution from all presented, based on energy-saving technologies. Induction means that only the pot is heated, not the surface of the plate. This is an ideal proposition for modern kitchens and people valuing innovative solutions.
Hardware assembly is a challenge; therefore, together with the installation of kitchen furniture, we also guarantee the correct placement and connection of selected elements of household appliances.


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The most traditional solution is to place the oven under the heating plate. However, the higher oven location is becoming more and more popular – it is the most convenient solution that facilitates work with heavy and heated dishes.
The oven selection should be thoughtful and individual. Compact oven with a height of 45 cm is a sufficient option in smaller households or with occasional use. Traditional height – 60 cm – is a solution for larger families or baking fans.
Oven functionality extends and its work is currently based on multifunctional operation. You can choose a device with the option of steam cooking or microwave function, depending on your culinary preferences and lifestyle.
It is also important to keep the oven away from the cooling devices. It should not be in direct contact with the wall, because of easier opening and use.
Nevertheless, the device colour and design are important. The oven should harmonize with the fronts and other household appliances, which is why, are usually used devices from the same line of a specific brand.


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