All kitchen fronts are produced and shaped in our factory – from the first production stage to the final product. We can guarantee highest quality kitchen fronts thanks to full production process control.



Kitchen furniture is a long-term investment.
Our designers help choosing the most suitable materials for your kitchen to give a timeless look and provide full functionality.



We present available kitchen fronts materials below. Detailed colour palette and available designs available in our showrooms – please visit us.

Furniture fronts /

Laminated kitchen fronts /

Available decors variants make laminates the universal material suitable for modern and classic kitchen. The biggest decors advantage is their high abrasion and mechanical damages resistance. They are also affordable.

Acryl kitchen fronts /

Acryl kitchen fronts are perfect flat high resistance surfaces which are cheaper lacquered kitchen fronts alternative. There are few matt and gloss colour variants. Unlike the lacquered fronts, acryl fronts are finished with PVC rim.

Matt lacquer /

Kitchen fronts made with matt lacquer stand out with colour depth and elegance. This finishing calms the interior giving it warm and cosiness. Matt lacquer is good choice for smooth or wooden kitchen fronts, because of beautiful wood graining exposure ability.

Gloss lacquer /

We have own paint shop in contrast to competition. Our kitchen fronts are repeatedly lacquered what brings highest quality and life span. We provide all available RAL and NCS palette colours.

FENIX nanotech Matt /

Novelty! First Polish market material using nanotechnology solution developed with ARPA INDUSTRIALE researches.
Core material is made of thermosetting resins impregnated paper and surface is covered with new generation acryl resins, which are electrodes beam hardened.
SHOCKING FACT – kitchen front has regeneration abilities.

Veneered kitchen fronts /

Veneer is a wonderful wooden kitchen fronts alternative made for nature enthusiasts.
Veneer is made of thin wood layers obtained from trees cutting. We bond cut wood layers on the binding machine and connect to obtain wood graining continuity.

Frame kitchen fronts /

It is perfect proposition connecting modern style with timeless classic.
Classic frame pattern with lacquered finishing bring elegance, brightness and modernity to the kitchen. It blends in Scandinavian style interiors and glamour interiors as well.

Wooden kitchen fronts /

Years of furniture industry experience brought us the most durable material – oak wood furniture fronts.
The greatest oak wood advantage is longevity and nobility. It makes kitchen cabinets durable, scratches and humidity resistant for many years.



Handles types /

1. Handles types /

Point handles tightened to the front parts of kitchen fronts are traditional solution. Besides practical, they play a decorative role. Their shapes and colours make kitchen look more attractive and viral. They also gives kitchen fronts original character.

2. Edge handles /

These are nailed into upper edge of standing cabinets. Its unique construction makes them comfortable in use and hardly visible. Edge handles connect with any type o kitchen front material.

3. In plate milled /

Fronts with plate cutters discretely cover the handle in upper edge of standing cabinets or lower edge of hanging cabinets. It does not apply in chipboards or laminated furniture because of surface interference.

4. Non-handle system /

a) Tip on

Mechanic opening system allows opening through pushing the front in specific place. It gives smooth and solid surface. TIP ON cannot be used with built-in fridge or dishwasher.

b) Servo drive

Slight front pressure causes automatic opening with electronic assistance. System is adapted for upper and lower building. It provides unique comfort of use.

c) Handle bar

Handle bar is installed inside the cabinet’s body without disturbing front construction. Thanks to profiles location, handle bar stays invisible and can be applied with build-in household goods.